Sergany Stones for Marble & Granite

We are SME Specialized in Marble & Granite Field.
we Manufacture, Distribute & install Marble & Granite Products.
with our 6th of October factory plus our long mutual relationships with quarries owners and excavators, we give you the access to wide range of Marble & Granite products both local and imported.

Sergany Stone Gallery

Who We are ?


To be the first Marble & Granite Supplier in the 6th of October City


To provide high quality Marble & Granite products that fits our customers needs with competitive prices


  • Leadership
  • Quality
  • Enviroment Friendly
  • Accuracy

This Is What We Love To Do


We think that Design is a keystone proccess, and With our Specialized Engineers, we make sure that our customers vission will be reality and stisfy their needs.


Tools is what makes your dreams real, and with our 6th of October City Factory, Sergany Stone Manufacture wide range of Marble and Granite Products, Tiles, Countertops, Wallign stone...


We are not only Manufacturers and Sellers, but we also provide workshops and individual contractors with marble & Granite products


Projects is something we are very good at, and with our long list of customers, rest assured, your dreams will become reality